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ideally, we wouldn't have to exist — but legacy systems weren't built for the LGBTQ+ community.

so until we can totally overhaul these systems, we're here to help you navigate them (& maintain autonomy while doing so).

why? because this is about more than IDs & account names. it's about closing the wealth & unemployment gap for trans, nonbinary, & gender expansive folks. it's about making it safer to be trans & nonbinary in public. it's about lived equity — and we're just getting started.

about us

namesake was founded in 2021 by Luke Lennon (they/he/any) after they struggled through the legal name and gender marker change process firsthand. luke is a white transmasc nonbinary queer (although those labels tend to constantly evolve). they're a sagittarius, have years of experience in the tech and startup worlds, and are passionate about the intersections of technology, social justice, and community. 

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